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Structurally Sound Masonry Smokestacks

Is your chimney sturdy and damage-free? A structurally sound home smokestack allows you to enjoy countless evenings of family gatherings by the fireplace and gives your home the proper ventilation it needs. Dean Designs Co. Inc. offers chimney services that extend the life and durability of your chimney for constant use.

Innovative Chimney Technology

Entrust your chimney renovations with a company that knows the function and structure of a proper smokestack inside and out. Our extensive experience in the business has allowed us to make crucial improvements in the way chimneys are installed and reinforced. We specialize in retrofitting and restoring non-reinforced, broken, or fractured masonry chimneys. When we are done, your flue will be strong enough to withstand seismic activity that occurs in the Redwood City, California, area.

In order to determine stability, we perform a lateral test (pushing on the structure) to see if your smoke shaft has been fractured. Our process is an engineered and patented procedure where we drill to embed steel and then tie the chimney to the home with an attic or rooftop anchor. The void between the chimney and the lining is then filled with a polymer concrete mix. This process is approved, permitted, and practiced in approximately 14 cities on the Peninsula.

Orange Brick Chimney