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"While refinancing my house, the appraiser was concerned the chimney might have structural issues, and requested an inspection to have it either signed off as OK or repaired.

"The first contractor I talked to wanted to encase the lower part of the chimney in stucco for $1400. I was reluctant to cover a nice brick chimney in stucco (and spend all the money), so I called Dean Designs on the recommendation of my neighbor who happens to be a contractor. Gary of Dean Designs said the chimney had no structural issues, and suggested a new rain cap and cosmetic re-mortaring of a small area of brick, both fixes I could do myself at low cost. He explained why the small area of mortar was eroding, and how a new spark arrestor would help prevent it in the future. His inspection fee included a report that the appraiser was happy with."
–Krishna D., 5 Stars

"I have worked on a lot of projects over the years with Gary - He is a great, very professional, and very informative contractor. I refer him to any chimney issues."
–Ryan A., 5 Stars